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For the past 11 thousand years, farmers have been watering their crop the same way. Nature is proving that to be inefficient, and just like everything else, irrigation needs to evolve, to keep up with modern times.

It's not a journey, we're on a mission to convert farms into smart spaces.

90% of all water in Pakistan is used for agriculture while 60% of that goes to waste. Pakistan has a one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world, yet it is considered in the top 10 countries most effected by climate change. The country once based its entire GDP on agriculture is now forced to import a lot of staple fruits and vegetables each season to plug in the gap between supply and demand due to bad agriculture practices and outdated systems. Identifying this problem, Radical Growth Solutions, is enabling data driven decision making by delivering actionable messaging directly to the farmer’s phone to optimize irrigation and fertigation, eliminating the guesswork from agriculture and enhancing overall savings and yield. Our combination of hardware and software collects real-time data from the field then processes it through a proprietary algorithm and delivers an action plan directly to farmers based on the current situation in the field. Having pilots in different locations, in Pakistan and Jordan, and environments the solution has resulted, an average, increase in yield of 35%, while saving 70% on monthly resources. Recently partnered with a microfinance bank and telco in Pakistan to reach the large rural population of the country who are most affected by climate change and need such interventions but may not have the knowledge or financial ability to invest in preventative solutions. Since inception, RGS has worked with different engineers and scientists to develop a solution that is technically more superior, equipped with a larger array of sensors and can provide 15X more accuracy than other similar services.


Our Team.

Radical Growth Solutions was a product of need. 

As organic farmers in Pakistan our co-founders suffered from a lack of in-field knowledge and post disaster care.

That's when the idea came up to make a solution that would not only serve them but also deliver value to million of farmers, worldwide, suffering from the same challenges.


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